The Event

SOS 2024 Opening ceremony 11:00 – 12:00


Bayady is a dance teacher and a drummer. He is from Guinea, living in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a dance class and drum class in Stockholm. He teaches African culture dance

AfroFusion Band!

AfroFusion (Benin | Burkina Faso | Finland | Senegal | Ivory Coast | Brazil) is a band with full of energy and rhythm. Their music originates from ancient and deep vodou rhythms of West-Africa combined with the modern vibes of afrobeat, funk, reggae and afropop. The style of their music is international and multicultural with full of joy and energy that will make you dance. All of the Vodou Fusion songs are composed and arranged by Gildas Houessou and the band. The topics are familiar to everyone such as respect, love, moral, peace and the many uncertainties in life.


Juma kalama. I’m a profetional artist. I perform Acrobatic and Magic tricks shows. Stage name you can know me as Jey jey. I have been performing all around Europe for many years. I’m giving my audience talented, funny, and entertaining show. Come to enjoy and get amazed.


Awak is SOSturku resident DJ. He is a renowned Afrobeats and Pop music DJ. Not only does he own the esteemed recording label, Awak Production, but he’s a co-organiser of SOSturku!


Sweden based Ghanaian DJ and music Promoter, who is known by his stage name DJ Mr Mogambo, One of the best international DJ. The secret behind the uniqueness of his musical vibes is the mix of the talking drum. Based in Stockholm, Sweden DJ Mr Mogambo originally hails from Accra, Ghana in West Africa. He loves music and he also loves promoting the African culture with his unique vibes. And producing his own music and beats.

DJ Goodblood

DJ Goodblood is known for pushing Afro, Caribbean & Latin music in Finland. Combining groovy, soulful, energetic and catchy tunes. He specializes in Afrobeats, Amapiano, Gengetone, Soca, Reggaeton and more. Sharing joy and good vibes through music is his mission. DJ Goodblood has performed in Kenya, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Spain, Norway, Estonia and the UK. Spending time in Africa has been one of his main sources of inspiration.

DJ EL puma

Renowned across the entertainment industry as a musician, producer, dance instructor, and one of the best DJs in the Latin music scene.


My name is Elise-Juliette Njila, I am 19 years old. I am The Voice of Finland 2nd. runner-up. I am studying social and health at a vocational school. I’ve been into music since I was little, it’s a big part of my life. Nimeni on Elise- Juliette Njila, olen 19 vuotta. Olen The voice of Finland 2. Tulokas. Opiskelen sosiaali ja terveysalalla ammattikoulussa. Olen harrastanut musiikkia pienestä asti, se on suuri osa minun elämää.

Roberto El Gatillo

Roberto El Gatillo is a recording artist born and raised in Havanna. His music is a combination of reggaeton, dembo, and trapton. He has played percussion and composed rap since childhood. He brings positive energy with him on stage, which makes everyone move


Excited to perform for the first time in Turku at Sounds of South Festival, Enoch Gyasi has been a hypeman since July, 2022. By the end of 2023, he had hyped shows for 32 times. AfroSunday billed Enoch Gyasi for its RUGER LIVE in Helsinki. Again, he had the opportunity to hype FLAVOUR’s concert in Helsinki. Amapiano and Afro House made Enoch Gyasi its Hypeman at the Champagne lounge at Flow Festival


The Sounds of South (SOS) festival is a one day  exhilarating outdoor multicultural event designed to unite music and dance enthusiasts to enjoy an energetic ambiance created by talented DJs and artists with music from Africa and African-related beats and rhythm (Afro music, Latino music/ ‘musica Latina’ and Caribbean music). The event also houses a variety of food vendors offering food representative of the regions/countries embodied in the SOS concept (i.e., Africa, Latin America and Spain, Caribbean islands). Turku is a vibrant city in summer and a host to a wide variety of festivals. However, none of the existing festivals in Turku specifically and Finland at large, provide what SOS is offering. SOS stands out as a unique cross-border cultural celebration, showcasing the rich tapestry of food, music and dance from over 100 countries – spanning Africa, Latin America and Spain and the Caribbean islands. What makes SOS truly unique is its dedicated focus on Afro music and Latina music genres which rank among the most popular in the world and the popularity of the former is gaining more ground. SOS also includes family-friendly activities open to the public